Welcome to our website, feel free to have a look around and find out what we are about. We are a  Taekwon-do club in Canberra working together with our common interest of teaching Taekwon-do. Come and see our fantastic trial offers plans! Or drop us a line and ask us for more information.

Sunday morning classes are on!

Sunday morning class on this morning, why aren’t you here?! This morning is a 10am start but will normally be 11am to 1pm. Sparring is the main fare so bring all your equipment, but you are able to work on other facets of Taekwon-do if you desire. I will help students through their patterns, step

Sparring Kit now available!

We now have sparring kits available to order. As of 2018, it will be compulsory for all green belts and above to bring sparring gear to class. We are currently running ‘tournament training’ workshops and we intend to offer regular workshops for this. So get in now and pre-order your kit. It will Include the

New Weekend Workshops

Putting together some Hosinsul weekend workshops for term 3. Looking forward to seeing you all throwing, sweeping, falling, locking & arresting each other! Message me if you believe you would be Interested!

Teen Titans

It’s time to save the world! Well maybe not yet, but even Batman had to start his training somewhere. Come and take advantage of our TEEN TITANS offer and start your path to becoming the superhero you have always wanted to become! FOUR WEEKS TRAINING A FREE UNIFORM Only $59

Free Trial Lessons

Taekwon-do is a safe and fun way to learn effective self defence with a blend of kicking, punching and close quarters combat – a great way to take your mind off the day that was and grow your personal skills. With over 30 years of experience, our Internationally Certified Chief Instructor, Hwaju Daniel Perez, has


Get 4 Weeks of Taekwon-do for $69 Join like minded adults and kids looking to get fit in a safe group environment and learn the worlds most popular martial arts. At Taekwondo Canberra, your adults martial arts starter pack includes 4 weeks of unlimited classes and a free Uniform. Taekwon-do is a safe and fun

Live Training

Tried out using Live Facebook video last night, did you get to watch?  Let me know if you would like to watch classes at home, maybe join in at home because you just couldn’t get there.

New Stretching Routine

I have begun testing a new routine I have obtained from Elasticsteel. I am going to be testing the routine for the next three months, and if I find it effective, I am going to introduce it to our members in Taekwon-do Canberra. Keep an eye on our blog on www.taekwondo-canberra.com, and follow my progress.

Have a look at this!

Come and have a look at all of our fantastic trial offers, there is bound to be one that suits you and your family. Take advantage of these now and give yourself or a family member an opportunity to experience Taekwon-do