Workshop Weekends

These come up from time to time and vary in times and prices. Keep an eye on the calendar and on our facebook site for announcements. Some of the workshops we run are as follows:

HoSinSul – Other Self-defence applications

Tournament Sparring – Students supply own equipment (every other Saturday & every Sunday)

Patterns – A finer look into patterns, can be used leading up to a grading (every Sunday).

Step Sparring – A finer look into Step Sparring, can be used leading up to a grading.

Power Breaking – Materials will be supplied by Taekwon-do Canberra.


From time to time we will invite external experts in various arts and abilities to conduct seminars. Keep an eye on the calendar and on our facebook site for announcements. Some of the seminars we run may include the following:

Grappling – May include diverse arts like Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Hapkido & Aikido (BJJ every Friday at Phillip Dojang, Hapkido every Tuesday & Thursday at Phillip Dojang).

Flexibility– There are various like Yoga & Stretch Therapy. We have flexibility session after every Friday senior class.

Advanced Kicking – With experienced and skilled experts.

Special Guests – When there are visiting popular experts in Australia, we will endeavour to get them to Canberra if there is demand.


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