Sparring Kit now available!

We now have sparring kits available to order.

As of 2018, it will be compulsory for all green belts and above to bring sparring gear to class. We are currently running ‘tournament training’ workshops and we intend to offer regular workshops for this.

So get in now and pre-order your kit. It will Include the following:

Special Edition Tong-Il TKD Canberra Sports bag, with the Tong-Il and ITF logo: Valued at $90

Sparring Gloves: Valued at $70

Sparring Boots: Valued at $70

Groin guard: Valued at $25

Mouth Guard: Valued at $5

That’s $260 worth for our special price of $190 !!

Have a look at this!

Come and have a look at all of our fantastic trial offers, there is bound to be one that suits you and your family. Take advantage of these now and give yourself or a family member an opportunity to experience Taekwon-do

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