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Welcome to Tong-Il Taekwon-do Canberra!

We are proudly part of the organisation CANBERRA MARTIAL ARTS! You can train in Taekwon-do, Hapkido, Korean Sword & in our Boot Camps. Call me for more information.


Please enjoy some of our photos

Some of the people that we are currently training with and have done over the years.

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Kids training in Taekwon-do Canberra in recent years

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Breaking is a part of Taekwon-do Canberra

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Some more dynamic pictures of Taekwon-do Canberra

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This is Tong-Il Taekwon-do Australia

Breaking from a 2nd degree grading


We often do live videos of our classes, take a look:


Back in 1995, I decided to attempt four board side kick break. I had never previously broken more than two boards, and thought my first time in front of hundreds of shoppers would be a good time. To be young and naive again…well maybe just young again!


Years later and I mastered the understanding of what is required for breaking. Sometimes it is experience that is our best teacher.